Consumer Behaviour Brand Focus – Kmart

K-mart Australia is one of Australia’s largest discount department stores. K-mart allows consumers to buy a wide arrange of products from clothing, sporting goods, homeware, pet toys to kids toys and party goods at low prices.


(Wikipedia 2018)

K-mart has been opened in Australia for more than 49 years building its brands and bring Australian people a place to buy any item they need in one convenient location. With its long history, it has become one of the most well-known companies in Australia, with its parent company of Wesfarmers being 461st (Forbes 2017) most power company in the world and 8th in Australia. But k-mart also has well-known competitors such as Big W and Target which is also owned by Wesfarmers. With strong competitors in the market, K-mart had to develop a strong understanding of consumer behaviors so they can remain competitive as well.


Value Proposition:

Value proposition by definition “describes the benefits customers can expect from your products and services.” (Osterwalder 2014). By this definition, we can assume how pricing and overall experience can influence a customer’s benefits from the product. To show this Kmart “unveiled a campaign which centres around the store’s positioning of dropping its prices for good. Created by BWM, the campaign invited 1000 mothers into a Kmart store with no price tags on any products, asking them to ‘guess’ the prices of everyday products.” (Ad news 2011). This advert showed the difference in price (decrease) and the quality (increase) of each product and how the consumers reacted to it.


Consumer Perception

The definition of consumer perception “encompasses a customer’s impression, awareness and/or consciousness about a company or its offerings. Customer perception is typically affected by advertising, reviews, public relations, social media, personal experiences and other channels.” (Business Dictionary 2018).

Kmart has had time to develop the brand identity to describe what they are all about and how they interact with consumers these being, discounted items, convenience and overall experience

“Want irresistibly low prices?” this slogan is one of Kmart most well-known as it directly indicates what they do and how they want to be perceived. This clearly shows its relationship with its consumers as they show that they are able their consumers in giving them quality merchandise at affordable prices for all social statuses.


(Vesna Ksaric 2014)

To enhance Kmart’s consumer perception, they have been working with influencers on Social media to show what their products can be used for and how they can look in different environments. Kmart primarily uses the platform of Instagram to create and show unique and “organic advertising content” (Koehn 2017).

To bring awareness in this advertising/marketing method (influencer marketing) Kmart invites “a select group of 20 social media savvy Kmart fans to special preview events several times a year, giving the store’s most passionate shopper base access to new products and hopefully inspiring their Instagram posts.” (Koehn 2017) These influencers Instagram accounts must be high enough for followers to attain such as “Helen James, whose Instagram account @i_heart_kmart has 112,000 followers.” (Koehn 2017)

These events allow influencers of the Kmart/DIY niche to come together and show their consumer perception of Kmart products and influence other people’s views to view Kmart the same way.


















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Consumer Behaviour Concept Focus – Brand Personality


By definition, the consumer behavior concept of Brand Personality can be defined as “the set of human characteristics associated with a brand” (Aaker 1997),

The Consumer Behaviour concept of “Brand Personality is inferred by the set of human characteristics that the marketer creates for the brand or via the typical user of the brand, or the brand’s endorsers.” (Schiffman et al. 2014)

With the use of advertisements, endorsers, logo, and price of the product “It is clear that many marketers of brands are not trying to sell the consumer a product, but rather a desirable personality and identify achieved through the specific brand” (Schiffman et al. 2014)

“Brand personality provides the identity for the brand and encourages consumers to respond with feelings and emotions towards the brand” (Schiffman et al. 2014)

A Brand personality can be determined using the theoretical framework presented below (Aaker 1997)


(Tony Quin)


Sophistication is directly displayed by the major watch company Rolex. “People both inside and outside of the luxury watch world recognize the name “Rolex.” People associate the brand name with success and luxury and imagine Rolex wearers to live a lavish lifestyle.” (Crown & Caliber 2014).


Rolex is associated with many influential people and sporting tournaments. “Rolex supports the most prestigious tournaments, players, and organizations in tennis. From The Championships, Wimbledon and the Australian Open to Swiss phenomenon Roger Federer, Rolex’s contribution to excellence in tennis are based on a rich heritage of almost 40 years, championing performance while respecting the sport’s traditions.” (Rolex)



(Rolex 2018)

Not only its prestigious association in championships and legends of sports shows its personality of sophistication but also the most noticeable logo of a golden crown. “The logo embodied the Rolex slogan, “A Crown for Every Achievement” and the chosen colors were meant to symbolize the brand’s excellence in watchmaking (gold) and prosperity (green)” (The Loupe).


(The Loupe 2015)

The slogan itself “A Crown for Every Achievement” depicts the stigma of royalty and excellence.


(Daisy Jopsy 2014)

Red Bull:

Red Bull an energy drink brand can be associated with the personality of Excitement. Red Bull being the sponsor for many sporting events show its affiliation to being daring and thrill-seeking. “exciting brands are built around qualities of energy” (Snyder 2003) supports this statement.


As before Red Bull sponsors many sporting events but also the teams within them most noticeable their Formula 1 sponsorships. Red Bull teams up with other r=brands most noticeably Aston Martin one of the leading cars manufactures in the world to engineer one of the fastest cars to run a lap to win championships currently holding 4 world championships and 54 fastest laps.


(Red Bull Racing 2018)


(Red Bull Racing 2017)

Red Bull uses its indistinguishable logo to broadcasts its involvement in many areas of the sporting world to e-sports to formula racing. Its iconic red logo “containing two red bulls charging against each other in front of a yellowish gold spot, represents sheer speed, power, risk-taking, and aggressiveness. The bulls depict strength” (‘Red Bull Logo’ 2018)


(Wallpaper Cave)

Red Bull also relies on its slogan “Red Bull Gives You Wings” to portray its personality. The slogan portrays that the energy drink will supposedly provide superpowers to the person who drinks it.


(Red Bull 2018)


















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Converting To Apple

This is my conversion from PC to Apple. Yes, you heard this correctly a PC user has moved to using Apple and for a simple reason, Apple advertisements got me. Ok before I tell you the whole story I am just going to say that both PC and Apple are great at what they do and how they do it. They both have weak point and strong points and I was more involved in PC and windows so I stuck with it up till yr 11 when I needed an Apple for school, yes my first experience with Apple was forced but I could’ve switched back to PC or windows laptop it it wasn’t any good after high school but I didn’t I saw advertisements that made me believe otherwise.


Image source:

Ok, so ever since I was young somewhere between kindergarten and year 2 my family had one of the windows 98 computers that had a box for a monitor which came the time of the dial-up tone from the internet. This computer was great for its time and I saw the opportunity for it in the future and what it could bring well not exactly I saw it to a way to play space pinball and man that was just as good.

So as I got older I got to use more and more computers since the technology was progressing as well, first was an hp laptop my sisters got for their school studies but it also came with free inbuilt games which I was the sole player of ‘i was about year 4ish for this experience’ but two years later in year 6 I got my own computer a very big all in one monitor from Sony and it was great I did use it for school work but mostly for watching videos and games.

When I reached high school I still had the sony but when I reached year 10 all of the students in year 10 where given these ‘small crappy Lenovo laptops’ these laptops functioned as if they were only worth 30 dollars but they did get the job done and it was awesome to have my very own laptop that I could bring everywhere and this wasn’t used for games but for actual school since I grew up. Now with this laptop, i discovered what I could really do with a pc/windows computer in the ways of editing photos with adobe photoshop and the general email and word applications I could use for assessments.

A year after getting this laptop I was changing schools and this new school had a mandatory requirement for an Apple MacBook year I know a school wants you to spend around 2.2 grand for a laptop but not on your own but through the school well at the time I was happy to not pay it but I don’t think my dad thought the same. Now don’t get me wrong yes I was forced to get an Apple computer but I was still eager to use it and learn how exactly to use it. Now, this was a great laptop like I mean great, it allowed me to progress with school easily and it held all of my textbooks for school which was great cause I didn’t want to carry those large books with me every day.

So this was my first experience with Apple yes it was great but not completely sold since I was a “PC person” but never the less it was a great computer for what it was. So fast forward a bit more to the end of my first year of uni this was the time I was looking for a new computer and yes I was planning to go back to a windows computer, so I was searching up every new model of windows laptop since I wanted the versatility to bring it wherever I go but also be powerful enough for what I needed. But after a good look, i couldn’t find something that I wanted.

So about a week before boxing day and it wonderful sales, i found myself on the Apple website looking at its new Macbook pro and I loved it even though it had no ports. but the only reason I even considered going back to Apple was a Youtube advertisement that played a video, it was one of those upbeat ads when the laptop splits apart with all the spec’s of the computer e=being listed and join back together and I saw how powerful it was and light it was for travelling. So after not too long of deliberating, I thought I should get one, and so I did. And now I live the dongle life.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 9.17.17 am.png
Video source:

And now I have an Apple MacBook Pro and I would not trade it for any PC or Windows laptop at all.