Consumer Behaviour Concept Focus – Brand Personality


By definition, the consumer behavior concept of Brand Personality can be defined as “the set of human characteristics associated with a brand” (Aaker 1997),

The Consumer Behaviour concept of “Brand Personality is inferred by the set of human characteristics that the marketer creates for the brand or via the typical user of the brand, or the brand’s endorsers.” (Schiffman et al. 2014)

With the use of advertisements, endorsers, logo, and price of the product “It is clear that many marketers of brands are not trying to sell the consumer a product, but rather a desirable personality and identify achieved through the specific brand” (Schiffman et al. 2014)

“Brand personality provides the identity for the brand and encourages consumers to respond with feelings and emotions towards the brand” (Schiffman et al. 2014)

A Brand personality can be determined using the theoretical framework presented below (Aaker 1997)


(Tony Quin)


Sophistication is directly displayed by the major watch company Rolex. “People both inside and outside of the luxury watch world recognize the name “Rolex.” People associate the brand name with success and luxury and imagine Rolex wearers to live a lavish lifestyle.” (Crown & Caliber 2014).


Rolex is associated with many influential people and sporting tournaments. “Rolex supports the most prestigious tournaments, players, and organizations in tennis. From The Championships, Wimbledon and the Australian Open to Swiss phenomenon Roger Federer, Rolex’s contribution to excellence in tennis are based on a rich heritage of almost 40 years, championing performance while respecting the sport’s traditions.” (Rolex)



(Rolex 2018)

Not only its prestigious association in championships and legends of sports shows its personality of sophistication but also the most noticeable logo of a golden crown. “The logo embodied the Rolex slogan, “A Crown for Every Achievement” and the chosen colors were meant to symbolize the brand’s excellence in watchmaking (gold) and prosperity (green)” (The Loupe).


(The Loupe 2015)

The slogan itself “A Crown for Every Achievement” depicts the stigma of royalty and excellence.


(Daisy Jopsy 2014)

Red Bull:

Red Bull an energy drink brand can be associated with the personality of Excitement. Red Bull being the sponsor for many sporting events show its affiliation to being daring and thrill-seeking. “exciting brands are built around qualities of energy” (Snyder 2003) supports this statement.


As before Red Bull sponsors many sporting events but also the teams within them most noticeable their Formula 1 sponsorships. Red Bull teams up with other r=brands most noticeably Aston Martin one of the leading cars manufactures in the world to engineer one of the fastest cars to run a lap to win championships currently holding 4 world championships and 54 fastest laps.


(Red Bull Racing 2018)


(Red Bull Racing 2017)

Red Bull uses its indistinguishable logo to broadcasts its involvement in many areas of the sporting world to e-sports to formula racing. Its iconic red logo “containing two red bulls charging against each other in front of a yellowish gold spot, represents sheer speed, power, risk-taking, and aggressiveness. The bulls depict strength” (‘Red Bull Logo’ 2018)


(Wallpaper Cave)

Red Bull also relies on its slogan “Red Bull Gives You Wings” to portray its personality. The slogan portrays that the energy drink will supposedly provide superpowers to the person who drinks it.


(Red Bull 2018)


















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